One foot in front of the other foot

“Change is more often a rapid transition between stable states than a continuous transformation at slow and steady rates.” ― Stephen Jay Gould

Exploring and Learning

I’m a nomad, and in my travels I enjoy studying systems: history, politics, industry, culture. Most of my writing explores how a specific thing came to be. I ask “why” all day long and write about the answers and new questions I find.

Product Management

As a product manager, I spend most of my time talking to people to understand their goals and problems. I guide my team to build solutions and tools, document them, then continue learning and refining the results.

Ethics in Design

I study and practice human-centered design and responsible technology development to find equitable solutions to problems. Anything humans build embodies the assumptions of the builders. What are we taking for granted?

Asking Questions

Science strives for answers, but art is happy with a good question.

James Turrell

To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.

John Ruskin
Finding Solutions

Mostly, matters of any consequence are three-sided, or four-sided, or polygonal; and the trotting around a polygon is severe work for people any way stiff in their opinions. For myself, I am never satisfied that I have handled a subject properly, till I have contradicted myself at least three times…

John Ruskin

Human-Centered Design

They spoke to me of people, and of humanity.

But I’ve never seen people, or humanity.

I’ve seen various people, astonishingly dissimilar,

Each separated from the next by an unpeopled space.

Fernando Pessoa
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