I’m making a door!

In ye olden days of yore, when someone (like, for example, Thoreau) wanted to make a simple wooden door out of boards, they put on a top board and a bottom board, and ran a longer board from one corner to another in a Z sort of configuration. Then they took some longer boards and set them up vertically and nailed them to the top, bottom, and crosspiece. I learned this from my dad. He knows things like this. It’s great that he does, because I sure didn’t…

I was looking at dollhouse doors online, like these:
And it was frustrating because they all looked pretty fancy, and nicely carved and so forth, but Thoreau’s door was a Door made of Used Boards from the railroad worker’s shanty, not a Fancy Carved Door from a  carpenter’s shop. When my dad explained the deal with doors, I decided to make one myself. I got lath from the RE Store (see earlier post), sawed it up into appropriately-sized pieces, and laid it out like this:
Now I’m going to put the outside part of the door — just the vertical pieces — on the outside of the house, and the inside part of the door — the Z part — on the inside of the house, with a painted door behind it. That will give it the right depth, and make it look like you’re seeing the inside and outside depending on which side you’re looking from.
Now I just have to make a little handle and figure out some sort of painted-on or mini hinges. Exciting!

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