Black Pudding, Brussels-Style

Day one!

Mini-posts because we’re traveling as a couple for most of this holiday so I don’t have piles of mildly-lonely time to fill. It stresses me out to not have fully-crafted posts, but I’m going to try to relax about it. Here goes!
Landed in Brussels and took the train in. Have only explored the city center so far, but having fun. Tonight we ate at a restaurant that offered black pudding, Brussels-style, so of course I had to try it to compare with Scotland, because I liked it there soooo much last summer.
Here it was good but way different – thick, rich, soft, loaded with big chunks of garlic. Good, but I preferred the thinner, harder, bloodier one I had before. I’ve only tried the two, though, so we’ll see how the next compares.
Now we’re drinking beer, because it’s Belgium and that’s what you do. I’m drinking Lambic because it’s delicious and it comes from here. Yay!



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