WARNING! Something!

I pulled over to blog about this.

So, warning signs. On the road. There are lots! It’s super helpful [mostly]!
So you have the obvious ones:
[exclamation point] [squiggly line] SLOW
Curves ahead, cool, got it.
[red sign with picture of a sheep]
Cool, watch for sheep, thanks.
You have the helpful ones with text:
[exclamation point] FERAL GOATS NEXT TWO MILES
Ah, ok, thanks for the heads up!
[white sign with arrow right] FREE CHURCH
Um, ok… I don’t know what I’d do with a remote Scottish church, maybe that’s why you’re trying to unload it for free, thanks anyway…
Some with text AND pictures:
[picture of couple with canes] ELDERLY PEOPLE
Not sure that’s totally PC, but I’ll try not to hit them, thanks!
And then you have the problems. Two, specifically.
1) HOW FAST AM I SUPPOSED TO BE GOING??? There are lots of speed zones with very clear signage to reduce speed to x, but then at the end there’s just the sign that I’ve learned means ‘restrictions no longer apply’. So…. what’s the ‘normal’ speed limit? Is it just whatever I want? This goes along with lots of signs when curves are coming up that just say ‘SLOW’. But HOW slow? Just slower than I’m going now? But how fast should I be going now? Aaaaaaaaah!
2) And my favorite:
[exclamation point] [arcane symbol] 1/2 MILE
….what? Ok, I’m supposed to watch out for… something… for a half mile. Or is that IN a half mile? But WHAT?!? Oh god… is it something natural? Is it an animal? Lightning strikes? Fallen trees? Tornadoes? Ghosts? AAAAAHHH!!!!
That’s all.



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