A Minute in London

I landed in London yesterday morning after a direct flight from Seattle, and despite my best intentions to set myself to the new timezone right away, slept away a good portion of that first day by mistake. Oops.

On the way in, though, I watched a beautiful misty sunrise on the train from Gatwick to Victoria:

2018-01-27 07.34.25

And treated myself to a breakfast sandwich (egg salad and watercress, yum) from Marks and Spencer (aka my most favorite grocery store in the world, because they have approx one million varieties of sandwiches as well as salads and trifle and normal grocery things).

I made up for it that night, though, with a nice dinner at Duck and Waffle, followed by a viewing of Pinter’s The Birthday Party at the lovely 1881 theatre that bears his name. They have tiny binoculars for rent that are built right into the seats!

Binoculars for hire

After that I met up with a friend for drinks at Clarendon Cocktail Cellar (good drinks and nice atmosphere, but why on earth do most bars in London close at midnight?!) and then wandered around the city on foot into the early morning hours, admiring the architecture and crossing back and forth over the Thames.

The next day I had a delicious brunch at The Table Cafe (eggs fallow, which was an avocado and grilled halloumi eggs benedict), and then spent a bit of time at the Tate Modern before I had to get back to my hotel for work that afternoon/evening.

Speaking of hotel, it was an extra-pretty one, complete with a uniformed doorman. It was nice to start this adventure with a bit of style.


On my dinner break I took a walk to pick up a Cornish pasty and some trifle, then worked late that night and got ready for an early flight the next day. I like London a lot and am looking forward to spending a bit more time there the next time I’m passing through!


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