My newest favorite invention

I often think about the various inventions that make modern life so great. Washing machines: huge fan. Refrigerators: yep, fantastic. Indoor plumbing: thank the lord.

Others I’m less enthused about. Like that saying about X being the greatest thing since sliced bread? Why is that a bar we’ve set? I actually prefer bread that’s *not* sliced, thanks very much; I’ll happily tear it rustic-style.

It happens quite often that I’ll “discover” some new-to-me invention, or just suddenly notice one I’d been taking for granted, and then I feel so happy and grateful.

Today, I discovered wetsuits.

Oh. My. God.

I’m sorry, I can’t come to work anymore, because I’m a permanent resident of the ocean now.

I’m in the desert, true, but despite the camels on the beach and the random sandstorms, the ocean is the Atlantic and the water is *cold*. Yesterday I went wading and barely got past my ankles. I knew that wetsuits existed, obviously, but I always assumed that while they would keep me from getting hypothermia, they wouldn’t actually keep me warm. I also thought they would be terribly uncomfortable. Oh how wrong I was, on both counts.

My wetsuit was difficult to put on, sure — basically a thick spanx bodysuit. Once it was on, though, it was like a nice cozy hug. It kept the wind off, absorbed just the right amount of heat from the sun, moved with me like a second skin, and as a bonus I felt like a super-cool surfer girl (right up until I attempted to actually surf, of course). And then I walked into the water! It was really cold on my feet! But it wasn’t cold AT ALL anywhere else! I stayed in the ocean for about two hours! It was great!

I’m so glad I finally discovered wetsuits; my only regret is not trying them out sooner. I could have been swimming in the ocean year-round!

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