Salinger Does Europe: Vol. 3

Franny and Zooey See earlier posts for a description of the project… I left Franny and Zooey with Kj at Deans Court library in St Andrews, Scotland, with a postcard from Paris. It was perfect, really, to leave it there — Kj is studying Theology, Imagination and the Arts, and I visited her partly forContinue reading “Salinger Does Europe: Vol. 3”

Salinger Does Europe: Vol. 2

Nine Stories As mentioned in a previous post, on this trip I’m re-reading the complete published works of J. D. Salinger, and leaving them behind, one in each of the four countries I visit, with a postcard from the previous country. I left Nine Stories in Gare du Nord, one of the main train stations inContinue reading “Salinger Does Europe: Vol. 2”

Salinger Does Europe: Vol. 1

So I’ve got this project. My reading material for this trip is the complete published works (minus a couple post-mortem releases) of J. D. Salinger. Here’s the plan: I’ll read them all again (there are four) and leave one in a public place in each of the four nations I visit, along with a postcardContinue reading “Salinger Does Europe: Vol. 1”