Hiya, London!

Yay! I’m in England!

The gentleman at passport control was a little confused by me (I seem to get that a lot at border crossings…). 11pm:
“How long will you be in the UK?”
“Umm, a day. Sort of. But then I’m coming back.”
“Well, tomorrow I’m going to Paris but then I’ll be back in the UK the next day to go to Scotland.”
“Ok…. where did you come from?”
“Berlin just now! But via Oslo. From the US…? Wait, is that the question?”
Poor border guards. I always seem to complicate things for them… Plus I’m usually pretty exhausted at border crossings due to my standard mode of traveling, so I don’t explain things very clearly… Oh well 🙂 He stamped my passport, hurrah! Now it has three stamps (Norway didn’t show any interest in it whatsover; they never even looked at it. Sadness).
I keep trying to get on the wrong escalator, and I’ve been walking into people on the sidewalk… I knew that Brits drive on the other side, but it hadn’t really occurred to me that that would translate over to things like escalators too. And riding in this shuttle bus on the wrong side of the road is super disconcerting 🙂
I’m listening to Bowie for the drive in, because obviously 🙂
And I’ve officially reached that lovely time in a backpacking journey where everything in my pack sort of smells like everything else.

Note on the photo: welcome to the tiniest hotel room I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t close the bathroom door when I brushed my teeth because the sink comes up to about 4″ from the doorway. Super cute 🙂 And super clean!

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