What my coffee budget buys me now

I had a working hypothesis that I could travel the world (with living standards comparable to what I’m used to) and save money. So far, so good! We’ll see how that plan holds up when a) I move on to countries with higher living costs and b) I’m not in a dry town with limited entertainment opportunities, but for now, I’m coming out ahead, even after airfare. Here are some living cost comparisons, for reference:

$0.50 in Seattle: one-fifth of a one-way off-peak in-city-only bus ride (last I checked, it may have gone up)

  • $0.50 in Taghazout: a bus ride or shared taxi ride to the next town
  • $5 in Seattle: coffee (without tip)
  • $5 in Taghazout: renting a surfboard and wetsuit for an entire day
  • $10 in Seattle: a crepe (with tip)
  • $10 in Taghazout: (all of the following) a generous bowl of soup, a large basket of bread and butter, a dish of olives, a chicken sandwich with a side salad and fries, and a fruit smoothie (with tip)
  • $35 in Seattle: a meat dish at a fairly nice restaurant
  • $35 in Taghazout: a lux two-hour spa treatment including a sauna, being scrubbed, face mask, hair wash, and an argan oil massage

My accommodation is on par with rent in Seattle for a bedroom in a shared house, but this one comes with all utilities, daily breakfast, and daily cleaning service.

So far the most expensive thing I’ve purchased in Morocco has been stamps – they cost $1 each and a postcard to the US requires two. Now if only I could be sure that the yellow box I’ve been putting them in is a functioning postal receptacle…

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