The Cool Ranch saga continues

I first wrote about this over here, but to recap: I’ve realized that ranch dressing is not a thing that exists outside the US. Sure, fine (tragic for pizza-eating in other countries, but ok). But then you have Cool Ranch Doritos, which *do* exist in other countries… except they have to give them different names because no one knows wtf “Ranch” is supposed to mean.

In Norway I found “Cool American”, in Scotland I found “Cool Original”, and in Belgium I found them named “Sweet Paprika”. Now in Morocco (imported from Egypt), I found a new one: “Sweet Chili Pepper”. This one might be a slightly different (though closely related) flavor, to be fair, but the color scheme matches and the taste is almost the same.

It’s been an entertaining worldwide scavenger hunt, and also an interesting way to learn about what flavor names appeal to people in different places.

This one is extra special, because the English ingredients list is more disturbing than usual. My favorite entries: “edible salt” (as opposed to the inedible kind?) and “acid food” (maybe the MSG? Maybe a little LSD? Who knows?).

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