Hiking in the Dolomites, Part 4: Seceda Summit (Val Gardena)

24 July, 2018: time for the hike that started it all! I have an established habit of seeking out Windows 10 lock screen images as travel destinations (see also: Plitvička Jezera in Croatia) and it was a lock screen image that made me first decide to visit the Dolomites, too.

The Seceda Summit has a large cable car and a ski area, so it’s quite accessible and therefore quite touristic. The geology makes up for it, though — the Fermeda Peaks are incredible. 

The cable car ride was a good intro, and the last section is nearly vertical:

2018-07-24 10.52.55

It brings you to the summit, and from there it’s an easy walk to a few different viewpoints. You can walk to the right or the left for nice views out over the valley:

2018-07-24 11.23.27 (1)

But really you should go straight-ish, to get the most amazing views of the rock formation that draws the crowds. Head toward the peaks:

2018-07-24 12.26.22

You’ll cross a meadow, filled with wildflowers at this time of year:

2018-07-24 12.27.55

And once you’re high enough you’ll see the massive, reef-like rocks striking up at the sky:

2018-07-24 12.38.57

Climbers can venture onward, past a closed gate, but the trail narrows and becomes a more dangerous scramble, so day-hikers shouldn’t pass the gate. It comes with a group of very fierce guardians:

2018-07-24 11.20.18

Seeing all of the above only took about an hour (not counting the drive and the cable car), plus a little picnic lunch. After that we rode the gondola back down the mountain and were back in time for work. Not a bad way to start off the day!

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