Sherbet and Socialism: Architecture in Kyiv

2018-09-04 14.54.48

September, 2018: Kyiv! This was one of my favorite cities, in large part due to the architecture.

I described it upon arrival as “rainbow sherbet with floofy bits” and I stand by that assessment, at least for many of the buildings. Continue reading “Sherbet and Socialism: Architecture in Kyiv”

The Life of Wonderful People: Place Names and Food in Ukraine

2018-09-15 21.57.08September, 2018: I love the names of things in post-Soviet places, and Kyiv is an absolute treasure trove. I’m sure it’s partly translations, but it can’t be just that…. Not when I went out for cheesecake and cocktails at Life of Wonderful People (pictured here: the Eruca Smash, with gin, lime, sugar syrup, arugula leaves, and rhubarb bitters), breakfast at Favorite Uncle, and 2am white-tablecloth dinners at Under Wonder. Continue reading “The Life of Wonderful People: Place Names and Food in Ukraine”