Berlin und zee Germans

I think my experience of the German people (and I’m half German myself, so perhaps it makes sense) is best summed up by the following exchange, at 3am in Berlin after a night out in clubs: Me: “That was just lovely. All the people were sooo nice and friendly!” B: “‘Nice and friendly?’ You mean,Continue reading “Berlin und zee Germans”

Various thoughts while getting drunk in East Berlin

It’s hot here, guys. Like stiflingly, deadeningly, damply hot. Like East-Coast-in-August hot. Today it’s about 95° in the shade, and I don’t even want to think about the temperature in the sun. I guess a positive aspect is that I’m sweating so evenly and so completely in the humidity that I don’t have any specificContinue reading “Various thoughts while getting drunk in East Berlin”

Willkommen in Berlin!

Berlin. It’s pretty great, you guys. So ok, let’s list some negative aspects first, to keep things in perspective… • It’s flat (I know that could be viewed as a positive thing, but come on, it’s topographically BOOOOORING). • It’s not close to any large bodies of water. • The weather is weird (based onContinue reading “Willkommen in Berlin!”